Initially, I was confused about MBA exams. There are so many of them and I had no clue that the preparing strategy for each one was very different. I had no idea where to begin and was on the verge of joining the crowd to go to Pune for preparation. It was my friend who told me about Bakle Classes and asked me to attend the seminar. Honestly, I think staying back was the best decision I ever made. All my questions were solved and Atul Sir showed a direction. He made us give different exams, taught us in a different way, gave shortcuts, made us practice them. When I couldn’t cram the tables, he literally started a 6am morning session and he made me learn tables, cubes, made my calculations so much faster. He made us take multiple test series, and we discussed several mock tests in detail. He motivated me throughout. I was going to give up. It was he who dragged me till here. The remaining 0.25 percentile that I have lost is cause I didn’t comply fully with a few instructions he gave. He’s like Robin Williams from dead poets society to me. All the marks that I have scored, I owe it to him. If you want to really achieve JBIMS, this is the man who will get you through. One advice: listen to everything he says.

Bakle Classes has Set New Quality Benchmarks For Aptitude Courses In Solapur. Now the ball is in your court!

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