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CAT 2023, MBA-CET 2024 & other MBA entrance exams:Super long term Batch

(Note: Students who will be completing their graduation in 2024 are eligible for CAT 2023. Many undergraduate students aren’t aware of this and start preparing very late). Convenient options (free repetition etc.) available for students preparing for CAT 2024.

MBA-CET 2023: Superior & Superior Advance Batch

MBA-CET 2023: Mentorship Program for experienced candidates

Banking Exams:Superior & Superior Advance Batch

We conduct ‘Foundation Sessions’ at the start of the batch, especially for students weak in mathematics. Students good in maths also find these sessions to be helpful because we explain the ‘why’ and not just teach the ‘how’ of the stuff you studied at the school level.

Our ‘Advance Course’ is for students targeting a High Score and/or admission to a top B-school. We expect you to work regularly and be sincere to extract the full benefit of the course. We motivate and encourage students to Aim High and Set the Right Career Goals. However, if you are thinking about doing an MBA in just any college or likewise, you can join the regular course.

Banking Course: Students joining the course should understand they are going to face a competitive exam. Given the current level of difficulty of the paper and competition, they must prepare thoroughly. We (wherever possible) deny admission to students having false expectations w.r.t. bank exams.

Enrolment formalities can be completed online/offline. To enrol or for more details Call or WhatsApp us on +91 8956262651.


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