“I was determined I wanted to get an MBA, I started my journey by joining Bakle Classes, which gave me a wider perspective about MBA entrance exams.

Having joined the CAT course, I knew I needed to work hard. Classes helped me to get all my concepts clear, what was lacking was my practice. Being in the final year of engineering, placements were being conducted and my focus at that very moment was to get placed. So in the quest of getting placed I stopped preparing for CAT for a while.

After getting placed, it was hard for me to start preparing again. It took me a month or two to realise what my actual dream was but it was October end already.

However, I was still in the position to recover because I had sincerely attended all the lectures and my concepts were clear.

Sir helped to clear my last moment doubts. In the end, it’s all about the hard work you put in to make your dreams come true”.

Bakle Classes has Set New Quality Benchmarks For Aptitude Courses In Solapur. Now the ball is in your court!

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