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Bakle Classes is owned and run by Mr Atul Bakle. Atul Bakle is highly passionate about teaching and learning. He likes to work closely with students to help them achieve their goals. He teaches for conceptual understanding of ideas which makes learning interesting and transferable. He has been both an average student and a topper and strongly believes that an average student can become a High Achiever by doing the right things.

Atul Bakle has done his MBA from Sydenham Institute, Mumbai. He has experience in teaching students from diverse backgrounds, taking classes for CAT, MBA-CET, Bank PO, Campus Recruitment Training & RRB at Pune, Gulbarga and Solapur. Students who have taken guidance from him have got into top colleges and organisations. He has started ‘Bakle Classes’ with a goal to provide the best quality courses and guidance for students at Solapur.

Teaching Methodology:

  • Learning through understanding and not by memorisation. When you understand something, you don’t need to put in much efforts to remember.
  • The focus will not be on knowing the definition of the term but on understanding the concept of the term. Once you understand the concept, define the term in your own words.
  • You will not just be taught methods to follow and derive answers mechanically. Instead, we will try to understand why a method works. Learn all good methods to solve and choose or synthesize your own method.
  • When we engage with the study material in a deeper, more meaningful manner, wanting to understand from the material, it becomes a joyful process. If you are not enjoying learning, you are doing it wrong!
  • Students join classes for cracking an exam. For that purpose, exam specific tips & strategies will be discussed.
  • Memorising plays an important role in facilitating understanding and improving speed. Memorising certain things will be encouraged as long as it facilitates a deeper understanding of ideas or helps improve speed for the necessary evil of cracking an exam.

Advice for students:

Most of the questions in competitive exams nowadays are based on the understanding of fundamental concepts. You sure can solve a few problems by directly applying a formula, but solving problems using logic and first principles is desirable. Don’t memorise a shortcut mechanically, rather understand its logic. Once you have well understood a concept, you know exactly when, where and how to use it. Using shortcuts at wrong places may give wrong answers, and in some cases to the contrary turn out to be time-consuming. One who understands why and how a method works can easily skip a few steps and solve the problem quickly (speed being vital in competitive exams). Thus learning by understanding always gives you an upper hand.

So, put more time in understanding concepts and solving exemplar questions. Then, practice solving some good quality mock tests. Analyse your performance in mock tests and improve on your weak areas. All the best!

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Bakle Classes has Set New Quality Benchmarks For Aptitude Courses In Solapur. Now the ball is in your court!

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